Patent Case Studies

Case Study #1 — Home and Garden

Thermal Insulated Windows

Inventor has much experience in window extrusion industry, particularly, in the sales and marketing of equipment for the manufacture of Insulating Glass Units. Inventor drafted a hand-written provisional patent and filed it himself. Thereafter, inventor contacted Attorney Gugliotta to represent him in licensing negotiations with Fortune 50 company. Negotiations resulted in over $250,000 of licensing revenue for inventor. However, one year later, Licensee’s in-house attorney was having difficulty obtaining required patent protection. Attorney Gugliotta was again retained to overcome the problems with obtaining strong, broad, and valid intellectual property protection. World-wide patents were thereafter filed, and a eventually a new company, Vertical Ventures V-5, LLC was formed as a joint venture that has generated additional licensing revenue in excess of $250,000. An exit strategy is being positioned for a company
buy-out by one or several venture partners. Worldwide markets are available.

Result: On nominal investment (legal only), Inventor has received more than $600,000 to date.

Case Study #2 — Health and Beauty Aids

Portable Paper Bibs on a Roll

Inventor is former Mrs. USA and model. After having first child, came up with idea when using paper towels as “bibs”. After doing market study, design development, manufacturing sourcing, and supply negotiations, Client achieved an interim level of success with several regional distribution agreement. Finally, obtain placement with Wal-Mart, which volume allowed the manufactured cost to be reduced dramatically and generate $100,000 per month of revenue. Current interest surrounding this company
as a Merger/Acquisition target.

Result: After 7 years of development and $50K investment, business has national distribution selling 100K units per month.

Case Study #3 — Toys & Novelty

Inflatable Baseball Glove

Inventor had Novelty item design for inexpensive ‘balloon’ type baseball glove. Contacted SAI and Attorney Gugliotta to perform legal protection and industry submission search for potential manufacturer. SAI found Bollinger Industries, LP of Texas.

Result: A license agreement was negotiated requiring $45,000 minimum guaranteed royalty over
2-1/2 years.

Case Study #4 — Hardware

Spring-Loaded Paper Towel Holder

Inventor contacted SAI and Attorney Gugliotta to perform legal protection and industry submission search for potential manufacturer. SAI found specialty kitchen stores in California, New Zealand and Australia. Pending distribution with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. This is a premium priced product.

Result: Returned in excess of 10x investment and has generated market channels prepared to accept distribution of other, similarly targeted products.

Case Study #5 — Industrial

Corrugated Cardboard Pallet

SAI was contacted to do market study, design development, manufacturing sourcing, and supply negotiations. Client achieved an interim level of success with U.S. Distribution. Manufacturing and distribution facility formed in California in Joint Venture (LLC) with current wood pallet manufacturer. Currently building licensing and distribution channels in Europe, Canada, Mexico.

Result: Company recently sold for over $1MM and generates “lifestyle” employment for inventor and
his family.

Case Study #6 —  Sports and Leisure

Chin Skins™

Inventor has padded chin guard, sold to many college and professional football and hockey teams. Although a low-dollar specialty item, product is consumable, and allows sports equipment managers to keep chin straps in better condition longer (saving money on equipment repairs). SAI was contacted to do market study, design development, manufacturing sourcing, and supply negotiations. SAI obtained distribution arrangement as well as direct sales to local sports teams.

Result: Product is placed at Professional and College level with sales approximately $50K annually. Product is in need of regional distribution arrangements that would allow for widespread entry into high-school markets. Inventor’s personal situation prevents such growth, but client is working with Capture Group to further develop regional distribution or, alternately, product divestiture.

Case Study #7 — Apparel

Reversible Denimwear

Inventor was buyer, designer in fashion industry. SAI was contacted to intellectual property protection
and licensing negotiations. Products are pants, jackets, and vests that can be worn inside or out, each
side being fashionable and aesthetic. Inventor has defended his designs against the competition with high 5-figure settlements.

Result: Has sold more than $500,000 worth of product through many major malls and retailers. Big in Asia, and has licensed to large Japanese jean company. Looking to become “house” brand for box-store retailer.

Case Study #8 — Medical

Delivery System for Therapeutic Agents

Inventor performed PhD level research on Semisolid Therapeutic Delivery System And Combination Semisolid, Multiparticulate Therapeutic Delivery System For Therapeutic Agents. Contacted Attorney Gugliotta to obtain intellectual property protection and aid in first level investment for completion of
clinical trials.

Result: Currently pending multi-million dollar joint venture deal for financing clinical trials and
product approval.

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